Our Case Results

The Weinstein personal injury attorneys have vast experience helping people recover financially from a range of injuries and accidents. Our experience is broad, enabling us to efficiently and effectively achieve top settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our exceptional performance and track record is evidenced by our recent inclusion into the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members.

Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients:


Our client was driving to work when another vehicle crossed the centerline and hit him head-on. He sustained extensive shoulder and hip injuries which required surgical intervention, resulting in $91,000 in medical bills. The at-fault driver’s insurance agreed to pay its policy limits in order to divert a trial.


The Weinstein Firm secured a $462,000 settlement for a minor client who suffered from heat exhaustion after being left unattended in a daycare vehicle on the premises. Medical bills incurred were less than $5,000. Prior to litigation being filed, an offer of only $10,000 was extended, “and not a penny more” according to the insurance adjuster. The Weinstein personal injury lawyers launched a suit, and began the process of hiring experts and obtaining depositions. Prior to trial, a $462,000 settlement was made, 46 times the original offer.


We obtained a confidential recovery for a man who sustained serious disabling injuries in a car wreck involving a U-Haul Truck driving the wrong side of the road. U-Haul’s carrier claimed the at-fault driver of this vehicle was not the renter, although when the crash happened the driver showed documentation to the reporting officer proving that he was the valid renter of the truck. The Weinstein legal team assembled numerous documents and found witnesses to defeat the claimed defense. U-Haul settled the case for a large confidential amount at mediation, just days before trial.


Our client purchased groceries including a one-gallon glass jar ob pickles from a local grocery store in Cobb County. As the employee handed our client the grocery bag at the register, it broke and the jar fell directly on our client’s foot, causing three broken toes and severe swelling. Our client was required to wear a boot for two months and $786 in medical bills as a result. The insurance company denied the claim stating no lability. A suit was filed against the bag manufacturer and the store directly. As a result, the insurance company agreed to settle for $17,500.00.


Our client was struck in a head-on collision on Boulevard in Atlanta. Our client luckily sustained minimal shoulder injuries, and attended one orthopedic appointment with medical bills totaling $372. The insurance company made an opening offer of $3,000. Litigation was filed, and prior to depositions being scheduled, the insurance company agreed to settle the case for $20,000 –  53 times the incurred medicals bills.


Our client was struck in a head-on collision when the other driver crossed a double yellow line. Our client sustained a shattered right foot requiring two surgeries. She sustained $85,000 in medical bills. The insurance company agreed to settle the case for the policy limit of $300,000.


Our client was shot two times at gunpoint during a robbery at an apartment complex in Rockdale County. His injuries resulted in multiple surgeries. The Weinstein legal team proved that the management company had faulty security measures to ensure the safety of residents, and this was the third case of its kind within the facility. Nothing had been done to prevent these concurrent violent crimes. To avoid trial, the defendants’ offered the $817,000 settlement after the initial depositions had taken place.


Our client was in a liquor store making a purchase. Based on his race, he was attacked and brutally beaten by two of the stores employees. The employees deleted the surveillance video and then claimed the client was attempting to rob the store. Our client spent 66 days in prison, and lost his home, car, job, and personal possessions as a result. He suffered injuries to his neck, face, and shoulder that ultimately required surgery. After mediation, a large confidential settlement was offered prior to litigation.

These are just a few examples of how the Weinstein personal injury attorneys have helped their clients recently. If you have suffered a serious injury and have questions about your potential claim, contact us today. You can tell us your story, and we can discuss your rights and options.